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Dario Otero


The mission of Youth Lens 360 to provide superior service in alignment with youth education comes from firsthand experience of its founder and owner Dario Otero. Dario is a former special education teacher and transition specialist. He is currently working towards his Masters in Special Education at Bethel University. Dario is also a trained participatory facilitator that uses his intuitive strengths to create welcoming spaces for safe conversations that lead to positive action.  

As a teacher, Dario developed and implemented a video and communications department that connects visual communication techniques with rigorous curriculum to address highly creative learning styles in special education student populations.  

Dario’s passion is to empower youth to set their goals high and to help them implement a plan to achieve those goals. Not only does Dario believe that all youth should acquire the necessary skills to become entrepreneurs, he believes that they need to be community leaders and mobilize other young people to be successful.